As Above So Below

Anamnesis Lemnos - As Above So Below - Cover without titles

As Above So Below

An experiential and participatory performance designed for the Kabeirio of Lemnos, the oldest known Greek Sanctuary connecting the spiritual heritage of the Asia Minor refugees with ritual memories of antiquity and the worship of Cabeiri. Sacred Fire, the element of destruction and regeneration, becomes the thread connecting Greeks with the Light and the greatness of the Universe.

The creator of the first underwater performance in Sounio and the vigil night in Fygaleia, director/choreographer Apostolia Papadamaki, connects cultural heritage with performing arts in a performance-ritual by renowned artists Savina Yannatou, Thanasis Efthymiadis, Maria Papageorgiou, professional dancers, and local volunteers under the full moon. The music is composed by Trifon Koutsourelis.

As Above So Below - Anamnesis Lemnos / Poster

The performance is part of the 2022 “All of Greece, one Culture” programme by the Ministry of Culture. Detailed information and reservations at

Direction/Choreography: Apostolia Papadamaki
Music Composition: Trifon Koutsourelis
Dramaturgy: Apostolia Papadamaki,Panagiotis Gkiokas                                                                                                    Original text: Panagiotis Gkiokas
Costume design: Ifigeneia Daoudaki
Lighting design: Valentina Tamiolaki
Scientific partners: Dr. Pavlos Triantafyllidis, archaeologist and supervisor at the Ephorate of Antiquities of Lesbos, Malama Mari, archaeologist,                                                                Selection of Ancient Greek texts: Dr. Athena Despoina Potari Selected texts: Dr. Athena 
Pronunciation and prosody of the Ancient Greek Language: Eleni Koulizaki
Production: Panagiotis Gkiokas / MENTOR
Marketing & Communication: MENTOR
Photography director, Graphic/Visual designer Areion Stefanidis 
Videography: Pantelis Ladas, Areion Stefanidis 

On Stage: 
Savina Yannatou: Refugee mother / Great Mother of the Gods
Maria Papageorgiou: Daughter / Cabeirus
Thanasis Efthymiadis: Narrator / Cabeirus
Apostolia Papadamaki: Kadmylos / Hermes
Dancers: Plotinos Iliadis, Konstantina Liontou, Maria Papakonstantinou,                              Natasha Sarantopoulou, Antonis Strouzas, Spyros Christakis: Cabeiri

General rehearsal open to attendees: August 11, 2022
Performances: August 12 & 13, 2022 (sold out)
“Kabeirio” Archaeological Site of Lemnos

The audience should arrive by 19:30
The performance starts at 19:45                                                                                           Performance duration: 1.30'

The performance is part of the program "All Of Greece One Culture" 2022 of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports. 
Kindly supported and sponsored by the Ephorate of Antiquities of Lesbos, and the Greek
National Tourism Organisation.
Media sponsors: ERT Aegean, Culture now, Theatermag,