The Anamnesis Methodology

ANAMNESIS method / Archeological site and innovation: For the past decade, I have been working tirelessly with my artistic team to activate significant Greek archeological sites and connect with them in an experiential way through contemporary performance art.

Now more than ever I feel that all my artistic career, the hours, the months, and the years I spent studying, choreographing, researching movement/speech/sound in theatrical performances and ancient Greek tragedy, prepared me for this unique concept of ANAMNESIS Method. How to create experiential multidisciplinary performances in celebration of sacred spaces, inspired by the Platonic idea of Remembrance. 

Anamnesis  promotes the osmosis of the arts,  inspired by the concept of the ancient Greek “Paideia”  and it is an invitation to the spectator to witness, see and feel the hidden values that are deeply rooted in the archeological site, calling him to a harmonious dance with history and mythology, seeking to awaken its imagination and sensitivity so as to achieve unity with its cultural heritage, nature and itself.

Anamnesis method combines multiple tools of expression, activating different levels of perception, exploring seen and unseen realms of reality. Without any intention of "reviving" but aiming to coexist with the archeological site, Anamnesis "co-creates" conditions of synchronicity and syntony so that the thread of Art continues with an uninterrupted evolutionary course for better humanity in which the Greek spirit plays a decisive role and brings us humans in pure harmony with Nature and the Cosmos. 

Anamnesis is  merging performance art with ancient wisdom, tangible and intangible cultural heritage and science, aims to heighten the awareness of human existence, to increase the realization of human potential and to challenge the collective self-imposed limits about our origins, our relationship with the existing world / the cosmos and the role of humankind in it.

The motivational power behind Anamnesis method is Plato’s philosophical concept that we, humans, possess innate knowledge which is called idea and lies in the heavenly realms and we can access this wisdom by remembering or recollecting memory from archetypal movements, sounds, forms, and words.

Starting from the Drops of Breath - The Underwater Dance Performance unter the Temple of Poseidon in 2015, the Temple of  Apollo Epicurius in 2018, the sacred island of Delos in 2019, Ancient Zone - Alexandroupolis in 2021 and the Minoan Palace of Zakros, Crete in 2021, i continue my research, expand my collaborations, and  develop the methodology of creating  Anamnesis, so i can create new tailor made site specific performances and educational events in  as many archeological sites of Greece as possible in the coming years.

Using the unprecedented, multidimensional archeological site,  dance movements draw inspiration from mythology and sculpture, music from mathematics and architecture and words combine reality with the non-reality of dreams. Past, present and future are simultaneously present, allowing us to explore the states of harmony and vibration of our collective memory, how flow or consciousness moves from one person to the other, and how an invisible power related to spirit or ether keeps us connected to the source of creation.